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Learn Academic Coaching Skills


This training is appropriate for the teacher who would like to gain awareness of the concepts of academic coaching. This awareness will help you deal with the situation when a student is stressed about performance or is not able to achieve the marks that reflect their intelligence. You will be able to recognize the root causes of issues like; loss of interest in a subject or studies in general, stressed child, falling behind in assignments and more. You will be given a coaching manual to keep for future use. We will also give you access to training videos for a year.

​Program Main Features:

- Why is Academic Coaching needed

- What is Academic Coaching

- How to be a good Coach

- Scenarios where coaching can be useful

- Introduction to Executive Skills

- Techniques to improve Executive Skills

- Introduction to Academic Skills

- Techniques to improve Academic Skills

- Practical coaching with our coach

- Theory and Practical sessions throughout the course

Duration: 3 days (can be started anytime)

Study Materials:

- Video sessions,

- Phone/video zoom sessions 

- Coaching Manual

- Worksheets

Fee: Rs.3,500

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