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think rich coaching


All youth need to develop a set of core life skills to manage school, work, outside interests, and social relationships successfully.


These skills include planning, focus, self-control, awareness, and flexibility—also known as “executive function” and “self-regulation” skills.


No one is born with these skills, but everyone can learn them through practice.

  • What is Think Rich Coaching Program?
    Powerful Personal Development Program for Children/Students based on All time Classic Timeless Success Principles Of the book “Think and Grow Rich”. We have to teach them “How to Think” “Control and Channelize their Emotions” and “Move confidently in the direction of their Dreams”. We are focused on helping students find their Dream, Discover their passion and strengths, and Design and Create their life based on what they want. ​ Key Important Outcomes & Take Away: 1. Dream : Learn Goals Setting and Goal Achieving Process 2. Discover: Develop Self Awareness – Discover Aptitude- Create Positive Attitude and Behavior 3. Design: Strategies for developing a Proper and Positive Self Image 4. Dedication: Learn and apply Success Principles 5. Discernment: Problem Solving, Decision Making and Right judgment skills 6. Devotion: Over all Holistic Development understanding importance and roles of different types of Intelligences( IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ) Values and Leadership Skills to become a person of influence
  • Why is it needed?
    For all our students to be successful, happy and living a life fulfilling their Dreams & Aspirations with Passion & Enthusiasm – we have to introduce them to right principles of Personal and Leadership Development at an early age. There are no secrets; we know Success and Happiness is a Science. It is reflection of our Core Beliefs, Our Level of Awareness and Knowledge and Application of Principles.
  • Who is it for?
    Students from ages 10 and up
  • How much time is needed for the program?
    The book has 13 success principles and one is covered every week bringing the length of the program to three months. Between the book reading, watching the videos and Q&A call (on Sunday) with the coach, program needs total of 25hours over 12 weeks to make this a habit you can use throughout the life.
  • How will the program be delivered?
    Program is delivered online. Details; 1. Every Week – One hour Video is given to the students for In-depth understanding of one principle. 2. Every Week – Sunday One hour Live online Q&A Audio Conference Session with the teacher moderating the discussion. 3. Book – Original PDF version Think and Grow Rich with line numbers for in-depth study. Videos and recordings of all calls will remain online with the child for continuous study for rest of their lives.
  • Who will deliver the program?
    The program will be conducted by US trained & certified executive coaches, who have practiced the principles of the book for multiple years in real life. It is our vision to share the powerful subject of personal growth to raise generations of dreamers and achievers. With spreading the understanding and application of Self Awareness, Self Image, Self Leadership and Success principles, we hope to help develop a culture and environment of happiness, health and success for each and every child.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    Program costs Rs.5,995. *For every paid sign-up, you will help us provide this powerful program free to an underprivileged child. We believe dispersing this knowledge will help create a more equitable society.
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