Learn Academic Coaching Skills


This training is appropriate for the parent who would like to gain awareness of the concepts of academic coaching. This awareness will help them deal with a school related situation in a more informed manner. They will be able to recognize the root causes of issues like; loss of interest in a subject or studies in general, stressed child, falling behind in assignments and more. You will be given a coaching manual to keep for future use. We will also give you access to training videos for a year.

​Program Main Features:

- Why is Academic Coaching needed

- What is Academic Coaching

- How to be a good Coach

- Scenarios where coaching can be useful

- Introduction to Executive Skills

- Techniques to improve Executive Skills

- Introduction to Academic Skills

- Techniques to improve Academic Skills

- Practical coaching with our coach

- Theory and Practical sessions throughout the course

Duration: 3 days (can be started anytime)

Study Materials:

- Video sessions,

- Phone/video zoom sessions 

- Coaching Manual

- Worksheets

Fee: Rs.3,500

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