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1:1 student sessions to help you learn better.

Connect with a Think Rich Coach and get started on a path to success at school without all the stress.

Get motivated

Trouble getting started with homework? Do you struggle waking up in the morning? Learn strategies to make life and studying easier!

Do homework efficiently

Homework taking too long? Create a customized routine & learn time management techniques that will make your homework go faster!

Get focused

Does your phone or internet pull you away from getting tasks done? Find ways to complete tasks so you can create more free time for fun!

Study effectively

Tired of studying for hours and receiving disappointing results? Find the study strategies and memorization techniques that work with your learning style and interests.

No more cramming

Stressed out from saving your work for the last minute? Learn how to prioritize tasks and plan ahead so that you can complete papers, projects and study with ease and confidence.

Write with ease

Ever look at a blank piece of paper and not know what to write? Create a writing process that helps you generate thoughts, organize your writing, and establish a revision process that works for you.

Get organized

Do you misplace your homework? Are you tired of hearing your parents complain about your messy room? Learn systems that keep your backpack, materials and space organized in a way that works for you.

Feel confident

Trouble participating in class? Get nervous before exams? Feel awkward interacting with peers or adults? Gain tools that will help you feel confident during class, tests, and in life.

Gain trust and freedom

Do you feel like your parents constantly remind you to do your homework? Are your parents checking up on you multiple times a day? Learn effective communication strategies that will enable your parents to take a step back.


myworkninja executive coach


Trained under guidance from our Canadian partners on International standards.

myworkninja executive coach


Personally interviewed, strict background & reference checked.

myworkninja executive coach


Continuous evaluation with ratings feedback after every call.

We enable students to bring their best work to the world.

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